Thank you for visiting “Southernway Nuisance Wildlife Removal”, serving Atlanta, Woodstock, Marietta and Roswell, GA specializing in Rodent Proofing, Snake Removal, Beaver Control, Squirrel Removal, Critter Control, Wildlife Control, Roadkill Removal Control and all types of Wild Animal Removal. We’ve been the No. #1 Critter Removal Company in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas since 1999.

“Southernway Nuisance Wildlife Removal” calls for solutions for both animal and man alike by freeing your home or business of all skunk, raccoon, possum, bat, coyote, and snake problems in a timely fashion. We are the company you have relied on for years! We have the expertise and experience to solve diverse problems such as skunk removal, skunk trapping under buildings and decks, raccoon removal, raccoon trapping in attics and under floors, possum removal, and possum trapping in attics and under floors. We are also experts in dead animal removal / road-kill. Our job is to safely and humanely put an end to your uninvited wildlife guests. We remove skunks, raccoons, possums, and other wildlife immediately if possible or we will set up humane traps that catch these animals alive. Our goal is to eliminate future problems and insure the safety of your property and you!

If you need Wildlife Control Services, call us today at 770-872-0408. We have been trusted within our local community since 1999. We truly understand the importance of Customer Service and have been long noted as having impeccable relations with our customers. That being said, we know that wildlife in or around your home or business can be a frightening experience for you and your family. We go through all the steps to ensure that what we do will be the solution to your critter problems. View our video to learn more about “Southernway Nuisance Wildlife Removal”, the go-to Critter Removal Company for exceptional Critter Removal Services.

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